My wife and I had to bring our cat Gizmo in. He got very sick and was deteriorating very fast. When we took him in he stayed there for about 4 days. Dr. Tuli or his wife would come into the clinic at 3am and about 3 times on Sunday just to check up on him. Sadly we had to put him down but the care and compassion his staff and him showed towards us was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone.”
- Jason Konschuh

Very kind and helpful staff

Very kind and helpful staff. My dog, Fox, needed an eye removal surgery and Millview Pet Hospital went above and beyond for her. They followed up and made sure she received the best care possible. I am extremely pleased with the results. As a university student with little income, the surgery was also within a price range that I could realistically pay for. I am so happy that Fox can now lead a more comfortable life! She's doing very well today, lots and lots of rest. By Madeline Rose”
- Madeline Rose


Gurmeet is an amazing vetrinarian. He is very compassionate and caring for not only the pet but the family. He has now become my regular vet and I have refered him onto my friends as well.”
- Raina

cat care

My Cat had awesome care here for his neutering I have no concerns and wow did he recover fast. Clear instructions for at home care A big THANK YOU to the staff here”
- Karin

Millview Pet Hospita

May 27 9 months ago Dr. Tuli and staff treated my 9 year old cat Josie. We recently had brought home our new baby which the stress proved to much in our first days home. Dr. Tuli not only provided excellent care and compassion to our sweet Josie but also to us as pet parents. Today again, Dr. Tuli and staff went above and beyond for our other 9 year old cat Mika suffering from a bladder stone. Words cannot express how thankful we are for the care you provide! Thank you!!!”
- Karla Henderson

Dr. Tuli is the most amazing veterinarian.

May 12 · Dr. Tuli is the most amazing veterinarian....he is wonderful with our shihtzu, Daisy, and is even more wonderful with myself and my whole family. We had a recent health related issue with our dog and Dr. Tuli followed up consistently at our home in between visits and checkups. He always ensured she was doing well and helped to put our minds at ease that he was there for us, for whatever we needed.We have been seeing Dr. Tuli for seven years now; our family highly recommends him and his staff, you won't be disappointed!”
- Amey Carey

BEST Veterinarian

Mark Martell · 17 March 2017 Dr. Tuli is the best veteranarian I've ever dealt with. Very good at what he does and takes the time to explain in detail what, if any, concerns he has. I would, without hesitation, recommended him to anyone looking for a great vet. Your pet is in very good hands with Dr. Tuli and his exceptional staff!”
- Mark Martell


Dr.Tuli, Jennifer and the whole staff are the best! Very approachable and a natural pet lovers. If you are looking for a great veterinary clinic to take your pet, Millview Pet Hospital Edmonton is the place to be. I am hoping that you guys can help a lot more pet lovers like me. I am one of your Extremely Satisfied customer 🙂 God bless you all!”
- Jenn

Thank you!

9 months ago Dr. Tuli and staff treated my 9 year old cat Josie. We recently had brought home our new baby which the stress proved to much in our first days home. Dr. Tuli not only provided excellent care and compassion to our sweet Josie but also to us as pet parents. Today again, Dr. Tuli and staff went above and beyond for our other 9 year old cat Mika suffering from a bladder stone. Words cannot express how thankful we are for the care you provide! Thank you!!!”
- Karla Henderson


Our four legged boy was ran over by a car, was initially brought to Guardian vet center by emergency visit-we were given the option to euthanize if we couldn't pay for the surgery $3,000 to fix (two broken legs), no compassion when we went in the doors it was take a seat BUT who can take a seat while i am holding our precious four legged boy who was in GREAT pain!!! Awful-Awful place. After a $300 dollar bill with no relief for my boy we decided to take him home with pain meds and ............................................................... I got a second opinion --The moment we stepped into ***Millview Pet Hospital *****the vet there was very concerned, prompt to help and was NOT worried about dollar amounts, rather a focus on how he can help our boy get out of pain and the best options to prevent us from huge financial strain. We knew then he was truly in this field with his heart not wallet! Please take your four legged friend to Millview if you want compassionate-AMAZING staff! This vet gave us hope and even provided care and medication to our boy that he otherwise would not have received as we were financially unable. I would recommend this hospital to anyone owning a pet. Our best wishes to all!!! you won't regret it and neither will your boy/girl. Please pray for our precious boy Kei who is healing at home & getting stronger everyday! All due to the continued care he receives from Millview Hospital in Millwoods..”
- Strong Family

Incredible vet and staff

The staff here are amazing, super kind and very compassionate. They truly care about animals and they took amazing care of my cat, he has 2 broken legs and he's doing pretty good, I'm glad he got the medical attention he needed from such great people. Made me extremely happy at how loving they are towards the animals and how nice they are. I suggest going to this pet hospital any day, they keep it real and are so kind about everything.”
- Savanna

BEST Veterinarian in Edmonton

Best Pet Hospital in Edmonton, the care and love for the clients and patients is unmatched! will always bring my animals here.”
- sukhman

great service and care at millview pet hospital

The staff here is so Phenomenal, True animal lovers. They were all so comforting and caring during out unfortunate visit. Dr. Tuli and his Fellow assistants have such big hearts. I will always return to Millview Pet Hospital.”
- kenzie

most amazing vet

Millview Pet Hospital is one of the most amazing places to work. Working with Dr. Tuli and the rest of the team has been a privilege. It is a safe environment to learn and grow. Everyone continues to better themselves to provide the best patient care possible. Everyone here really cares about the well being of the animals and they do whatever they can to help not only the patient but the client as well. they always charge patients fairly, making stay within their price range . And no matter how much the patient is paying , the quality of care never changes. They always give their best. Millview Pet Hospital and it's staff have become more than just the place i work and my co-workers, they have become my home and family. the only thing i could recommend to ensure that everything stays amazing is to never change how the team is run. I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. you have given me a gift that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. and the gift that you given me is that of compassion and caring. to help no matter the situation. God Bless you all.”
- Kitiara

Dear Dr. Tuli

Dear Dr. Tuli This brings a heartfelt note of thanks especially for you, Because you have been so wonderful so kind and thoughtful too..... For people who do such nice things are few and far between, And this comes to let you know how very much you mean. THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM BOTH OF US Thank you for taking such good care of our Pet- MARCO, you did an excellent job ---cleaning his teeth And he is such a Happy Dog. You are such a good friend and we value your friendship.Thanks.”
- Walt and Shawna Skrepnyk


Very nice staff and the Doctor was great with my dog. Very reasonably priced services without any unnecessary charges. Will be going there from now on.”
- Diane Peters

Best veterinarian in the Edmonton

Miriam Cicek Simms — 5 starDr. Tuli is without a doubt the best veterinarian in the Edmonton! My husband and I took our cat Gucci there earlier this week. She needed immediate surgery. Dr. Tuli spent so much time and effort to give his absolute best opinion when it came to Gucci's care. He is compassionate towards all animals, but also to the owners of the pets. He understands that pets are apart of a family and really makes the effort to comfort pet owners. I have never come across another vet that showed this level of kindness. Not only did he perform a complicated surgery, he made sure every effort was made to ensure Gucci's comfort and needs were well looked after. We can not say enough about this man and his team! They are the best!!!! We will recommend Dr. Tuli anyone and everyone we come across that needs vet. We appreciate everything he is done for us and Gucci!”
- Miriam Cicek Simms

Thanks for everyting

For you're among the nicest people i have ever known, all you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown. Thanks for everything, all the care you guys give and all the love you guys have is like a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days. Thank you for all that you guys do.”
- hiebert family

Great vet in edmonton

I love this vet over other ones, because dr. tuli is a doctor that cares more about the animals health than the money. he always takes really good care of my animals, the clinic feels like a family then a vet clinic. he loves his clients and you can see that when your there. The staff that work with him are fantastic as well super sweet and polite. if anyone is looking for a good vet that you can trust and know that your not going to get over charged. this is the place to go. p.s my dogs love coming to see Dr. Tuli. they are always happy when we bring them in. =)”
- cathy

very detailed with the clients

They looked after the cat Winters a few times now and I'm grateful for squeezing her in on very short notice the day she was very sick. And the Doc explained everything in detail including the e-rays.”
- Tom P.

Super friendly staff and knowledgeable Dr.

we brought our new puppy for check up here after reading reviews of several vet clinics in Edmonton. The staff here are absolutely incredible. The girl who made my appointment over the phone was very friendly and really excited to meet my puppies. Walking into the clinic, I felt really welcomed, and relaxed. The girl who weighed my puppies was also very friendly and affectionate. Dr. Gurmeet , was our vet , he is really very caring for pets and answering all of our questions very politely and discussed everything in detail. He all the time careful about the well being of pets which I think is important in making a pet feel comfortable. If you are looking for a great veterinary clinic to take your loving pet, don't hesitate to go to Millview Pet Hospital Edmonton. I highly recommend their services to anyone.The entire staff is very caring and friendly”
- Harvey,M

BEST Veterinarian

BEST Veterinarian Clinic in the city of Edmonton!! Dr. Tuli have given compassionate, loving care to my dogs for years!! Recently had to euthanize my 17 yr old Bichon dog, and I would NEVER let anyone BUT Dr. Tuli provide this type of care! He KNEW my dog, he KNEW she would be scared and anxious, and I KNOW he provided this service with compassion, and kindness! I have since bought a new puppy, and ONLY Dr. Tuli will provide her care from puppyhood and beyond!!! If you need a kind, gentle, and loving Vet this IS the place for you!!! PS....LOVE the new clinic, very spacious, very clean, and staff are wonderful!!!”
- Arlene

Quality Services Pet Hospital

Dr. Tuli and all the staff of Millview Pet Hospital are very friendly, caring and helpful. Wonderful place for your dog to get teeth cleaned with affordable prices and excellent results. I have called several different places and they all said "It depends on how bad your dog's teeth are". It's reassuring that you know exactly what you pay when you go in! While I have no idea what the procedure was like as I was not there, Dr. Tuli did a fantastic job, my dog's teeth are very clean and white now. If you are looking for a great veterinary clinic to take your adored pet, please don't hesitate to go to Millview Pet Hospital Edmonton. I highly recommend their services to anyone. They do a thorough and quick job, the staff members are wonderful and the prices are affordable with quality services.”
- K. Lorry

High Quality Pet Care Services Hospital

Dr Gurmeet and the entire staff are always friendly and make you feel right at home - even under the most stressful circumstances. My dog has numerous problems that my previous vet couldn't diagnose even after too many visits. I was relieved when Dr. Gurmeet was able to diagnose the issues on the first visit. What I particularly appreciate is that I never feel pressured to have any of my pets undergo a certain treatment - your options are presented in a respectful manner.Pricing is very fair but best of all we cant compare the compassion and love this place gives to our animals. I highly recommend and also thank the staff for being so amazing to myself and my animals.”
- James

great service and care at millview pet hospital

I've been meaning to write a review and was reminded of the great service and care after my visit to the vet . I met the best vet that I've ever had of having Dr. Gurmeet is such a lovely and caring person, that all of the animals, look forward to their vet visits. The front end staff are also pretty great; much more professional than some of the other local vet offices that we've visited.”
- david

Amazing Service

Millview pet hospital offers fantastic service at a splendid new location. As always I am content with the responsible work.”
- Greg

excellent services

The staff here is great, very helpful, and patient. I am extremely happy here with Millview pet hospital. Also Dr. Tuli is an excellent veterinarian who will work tirelessly to find out what's up with your pet. The staff is warm and loving with my dog and all of the other pets I've seen in the clinic. Absolutely take your pets to Millview pet hospital 5 star service :)))”
- Jimmy